Friday, November 12, 2010

Reading Matters review of Too Many Magpies

Well, I was having breakfast in the hotel yesterday morning after launching The Birth Machine in London the night before, and an email came through on my iphone: notice of a wonderful review of Too Many Magpies on Kimbofo's deservedly respected Reading Matters blog - and I was so emotional after all the launching etc, that I burst into tears!

One of the nicest things about the review is that Kimbofo compares my writing to that of Jennifer Johnston, who is one of her favourite writers - and mine as well - and here's the bit I'll definitely be pulling for promotion purposes:
Smartly plotted and with not a word wasted, Too Many Magpies is an appealing, bewitching read, one that feels slightly dangerous and a little bit thrilling. It deals with predictable subjects in unpredictable ways, and for that reason alone it marks Baines as a British writer to watch. Highly recommended.


angelatopping said...

Magical moment, and glad the book is getting the recognition it deserves.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Thanks, Angela!