Sunday, November 07, 2010

Celebrations and rest

I'm writing this from a hotel room overlooking Brighton beach and my feet are actually hurting from the long walk John and I took to Hove this afternoon, and I'm still feeling slightly ill at ease/guilty about the fact that I'm spending several whole days away from the desk. Yesterday we travelled south for a great private launch party - that of Vanessa Gebbie's new story collection from Salt, Storm Warning, which looks wonderful. It was a lovely party, and so gratifying to see the piles of Vanessa's new book on the kitchen table, which by the end of the evening were all gone! And so nice to meet up with several writer friends, and very good (and brave!) of Vanessa to put up all those of us who had travelled from afar! Since my own London launch for The Birth Machine is on Wednesday, John and I decided not to travel back to Manchester in between, and since John had never before been to Brighton we've spent another night here in order to explore. And I'm so hungry after all the walking I've gone and thrown dietary caution to the winds and eaten the crappy hotel biscuits...

And now, very fittingly, someone is setting off fireworks on the beach.

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