Monday, November 15, 2010

Jim Murdoch reviews The Birth Machine.

First blog review of The Birth Machine this morning, on Jim Murdoch's Truth and Lies. As is to be expected from Jim, it's a very thorough, thoughtful review and he's done lots of research in order to write it, looking at the covers of past editions etc. To my utter bashfulness he sees similarities between the book and Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wallpaper, and he concludes:
I enjoyed this book very much. It’s the best thing I’ve read by her ... and I’m happy to recommend it, to men (and not simply fathers) as well as women (and not simply feminists).


Jim Murdoch said...

You’re very welcome and you have nothing to feel bashful about. I could have written a lot more but I’m always in danger of revealing too much of the storyline when I get caught up in a book. No, this book deserves to have been reprinted in the form you first intended. My only fear is that you’ll end up preaching to the choir but you never know. Maybe some doctor’s college will make it required reading for trainee obstetricians.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Well, that last would be nice!