Friday, June 05, 2009

Success: but the Just One Book Campaign needs to keep going

Wonderful news! Thanks to all the poetry and story lovers who have bought Salt Books in response to the Just One Book Campaign, Salt has been saved for the present and can go ahead with the business. This is an amazing result - such a turnaround in just a fortnight, and it's just so heartening to think that people care this much about these two forms of literature and about keeping such a great (little) publisher afloat (and, once they are aware of them, want those great Salt books!). Wow, I have a warm feeling in my chest today! There are too many days when, as a short-story writer, one is fighting off that old sense of defeat and invisibility - fighting it off, of course: one has to, right? But that feeling is hovering nowhere near today. People do love poetry and short stories, it seems.

Of course the battle isn't over: inevitably, it will all be very precarious. Salt now depends entirely on sales, and the test will be whether this new market stays with Salt and keeps buying its books. And indeed the campaign needs to keep going. So if you haven't yet bought your one book (or your six, or dozens, as Griff Rhys Jones suggests!) please do so. Or build up a collection - your life will be vastly enhanced, I promise!

And for the rest of June there's Salt's fantastic offer: 33% off Balancing on the Edge of the World and all other Salt books. Use the coupon code G3SRT453 in the checkout.

Thank you to all of you who have supported this campaign so far.


Elizabeth Baines said...

Thanks for visiting, Dyanna!

Susannah Rickards said...

I've just read a fantastic story of yours up on Carve (Used to Be) and can't wait to get my hands on your collection, which I've ordered from Salt.

I loved the motility of your story. Do you know Linda leatherbarrow's virtuoso story 'Ride'? It reminded me a little of that in its tempo and sweep. I'm still feeling high from reading it. Thank you.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Hello, Susannah, thanks for dropping in, and thank you for ordering my book - I do hope you enjoy it! No, I didn't know Linda Leatherbarrow's story, and I shall certainly look it up...