Saturday, June 06, 2009

More thoughts about writing and dreaming.

It's in the moments of waking that I often get my best clues about what I'm writing - that magical slope that slides you from the dream world into the real one.

Yesterday I said that my problem with my new story is that it hasn't yet replaced the last story as my deepest obsession, my true mental landscape. But in the moments of waking this morning it came to me (I think): I 'heard' it, a subtle change in the voice I've been using for the story, very subtle in fact, but enough to resonate truly and to make all the difference (I hope), with a new energy that I think will give the story the momentum it's been lacking.

Well, we'll see. I'm off for breakfast now and then it's back to the Pukka pad, and I'll soon find out...

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