Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Pre-ordering Too Many Magpies

Yesterday the super Nik Perring asked if it's possible to pre-order my novel Too Many Magpies, (which, thanks to the success of the Salt Just One Book campaign, is coming out according to schedule in October after all) so I thought I'd explain the situation here. It will be possible to pre-order the book on Amazon eventually, but not yet. Salt don't have a pre-order facility on their web site, but Jen says that if anyone would like to send a cheque for £8.99 or bank card details, they'll pop one in the post to you as soon as it's back from the printer (cheques won't be cashed or credit card details processed until the books are sent off).

Salt Publishing
14a High Street
CB21 5DH


mythusmage said...

The post title posed a question for me; what do you do when you realize you've pre-ordered too many magpies? And why would you need magpies in the first place?

Elizabeth Baines said...

Good question!