Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lilac all the way

Does this ever happen to you? Sometimes I go into a room and there are two people wearing the same colour and standing in a configuration that makes the whole scene look as if it has been designed. And today, I was in the post office with a bundle of envelopes under my arm - magazines for some wonderful people who had bought Salt books today - and the woman in front of me was wearing a silk pale lilac mac. And the guy in front of her was wearing a pale lilac shirt. And the woman standing at the counter was wearing a patterned skirt with grey and lilac splotches. And then I noticed that the woman behind the counter was wearing a pale lilac jumper, and that this was actually the post office uniform colour because the guy to the left of her behind the counter was in another pale lilac shirt, and the woman on the right of her in a uniform blouse of black and lilac blots. And the only people in the place not in lilac were a girl in head-to-foot black and me in my jeans and black leather jacket, only when I got home and took my jacket off I realized I was wearing my puce-coloured T-shirt.

You couldn't paint it, or write it, unless you were making something surreal. Perhaps you could dream it...

What does it mean?

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