Thursday, May 14, 2009

Awards big and small

I am so flattered: the wonderful Sue Guiney has given me a Kreativ Blogger award - which comes with a sting as I have to list 7 things I love, and if you think I'm going to tell the whole truth about my lusts and obsessions, you've got another think coming!!

Here are some things I love which I don't mind confessing, though:

1. My partner, John (soppy, moi?)

2. My kids (mumsy, moi?)

3. Finishing a piece of writing and thinking it's OK (self-satisfied, moi?)

4. Being with actors, which I have been this week, and who are some of the most open, generous, stimulating and witty people in the world, even though those who don't know think they're just show-offs.

5. Walking in Snowdon.

6. New shoes (or rather, charity-shop shoes in outrageous impractical styles I'd never buy new) (Fetish, moi?)

7. Cabbage. Yum.

And now I have to make this award to 7 creative bloggers I love. I know that many of my favourite bloggers have already received this award, but here are some who may not have, though I could well be wrong: Charles Lambert, Caroline Smailes, Keeper of the Snails, The Volatile Rune, Barbara's Bleeugh!, The Richard Madeley Appreciation Society, Maitresse.

And a fabulous piece of news. The longlist has been announced for the Frank O'Connor Short Story Award: a stunning 57 collections are on it and thus receive the international publicity which this award was set up to provide for a form which generally gets little attention. And alongside authors such as Ali Smith and Kazuo Ishiguro, there are eight Salt authors :

Tania Hershman, The White Road

Sue Hubbard, Rothko’s Red

Alex Keegan, Ballistics

Charles Lambert, The Scent of Cinnamon

André Mangeot, A Little Javanese

John Saul, As Rivers Flow

Mark Illis, Tender

Robert Graham, The Only Living Boy


Tania Hershman said...

Cabbage?? Joke, right?? Thanks for mentioning us and the longlist, isn't it fun?! And you are most definitely worthy of a Kreativ Blogger award, congratulations!

Elizabeth Baines said...

No joke. Cabbage, I crave it... Must be my Welsh heritage. And congrats Tania - you so deserve the acknowledgement which this longlist provides!

Caroline said...

Thank you! I like cabbage too, but not sure it's my number 7 :)

Elizabeth Baines said...

Mmm, all this talk of cabbage - must get some in.