Friday, May 29, 2009

Foyles and bookshops take up the Salt Just One Book campaign

Well, it's a glorious day on the mountain today - soft fluffy clouds in the valley down below when I woke, now burned off by the sun, and the internet is working a fair bit better! (I see that yesterday's post got posted twice in all the confusions and lost connections!).

Anyway, here's the latest fantastic news in the Salt Just One book campaign from the Bookseller blog:
Chris will be on BBC2 "Newsnight" tonight (29th May). Foyles will shortly be running a benefit to help raise funds for Salt for the summer. Bookshops around the country are putting on displays of Salt's latest titles.
Well, wow. This is just wonderful news for everyone involved with Salt, everyone who loves poetry and short stories, and needless to say for me, as the publication of my novel Too Many Magpies depends on the success of this campaign!

Don't forget to watch Chris on Newsnight tonight if you can. We've got a meal booked in Caernarfon tonight, and I'm hoping to get back up the hill by 11 to watch it on our tiny portable battery-powered camping telly. I'm also off now to wait half an hour while the pages load to find out if I'll be able to watch it later on iplayer.

Then we're off out for a day walking!


Alex Keegan said...

Dang, I was in Llwyngwril, Eliz, we coulda hooked up!

Elizabeth Baines said...

Oh, what a shame we didn't, Alex!