Friday, October 08, 2010

Results of draw!

Here are the results of the draw made by independent adjudicator John from each of three of our hats:

Kate Brown and Mary of the Shorter Stories blog each win a copy of the brand-new reissue of The Birth Machine.

Michelle Teasdale and Alice Brockway (who came via Twitter) each win a copy of Balancing on the Edge of the World.

Angela Topping and Diane Becker (who came via Twitter) each win a copy of Too Many Magpies.

Congrats all, and please email me via my profile with your addresses so I can send your copies winging towards you!


Diane Becker said...

Thanks Elizabeth, can't wait to read Too Many Magpies. Have emailed you. xx

Rachel Fenton said...

Love the hats!

Congrats all.