Thursday, June 03, 2010

Wikio Top UK Literature Blogs for June

This month I have a chance to give you a sneak preview of Wikio UK top literature blogs for the month - this blog is there at number six, so many many thanks to those whose visits and links have put it there!

1A Don's Life - Times Online WBLG (=)
2Pepys' Diary (+1)
3Dovegreyreader scribbles (+1)
4Cornflower (+2)
5Other Stories (+2)
6Elizabeth Baines (-4)
7Harriet Devine's Blog (+90) (-3)
9Asylum (+1)
10My Favourite Books (-2)
11BubbleCow (=)
12John Baker's Blog (+31)
13Ben's Bookcase (+1)
14Stuck In A Book (+39)
15The news feed (-6)
16Vulpes Libris (+15)
17Eve's Alexandria (+2)
18Peter Stothard - Times Online WBLG (-5)
19Books, Mud and Compost (-7)
20NextRead (-5)

Ranking by Wikio


harriet said...

I was also sent this list to post, but strangely, on mine, my blog is at number 8, up from 245, and on yours it is at 7, up from 90! Wierd.

Elizabeth Baines said...

That's weird, Harriet. I think my list is the correct one, as I am definitely down 4 - I was number 2 last time.

harriet said...

Well, they sent me mine yesterday (with a comment about my going up over 200 places) so I don't know why they are so different!

Elizabeth Baines said...

MMm that IS weird...

Nic said...

I wondered this at first (the blog I'm part of is also in two different places), but they're actually two different but overlapping lists. One's the UK Culture list, and one the UK Lit list.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Ah yes, that explains it, of course! Thanks, Nic.