Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Salt Twitter Reading Group & how to preserve radio plays

I'm thrilled that Too Many Magpies is to be the first in a new Twitter Reading Group for Salt books, beginning right now. You can read about it here on the Salt blog, where you can also listen to a podcast of me reading from the novel. Next week there will be an interview with me, and at the end of the month there will be an open Twitter discussion about the book, so anyone on Twitter will be able to have their say (eek!). (Just search on Twitter for #SaltReadingGroup.) If you'd like to take part and haven't read the book yet there's still time to do so (it's not a long book!). (And you know where you can buy it, eh?)

In other news, yesterday I had a letter from someone calling herself a 'senior lady' saying that her recording of my radio play 'What Mummy and Daddy Do' had worn out (!) and could she possibly buy another from me to leave to her family after her days. This was a lovely accolade, but then I wondered where she could have got my address and realized it must have been from the BBC (which would have been her first port of call), and they must have destroyed their own copy - if they ever kept one in the first place, since the play was produced by an independent company. Makes me realise once more that I need to carefully hoard my own collection of my radio plays and make copies (and somehow covert those on tape cassettes to CDs: another reminder of the way that changing technology can lead to the loss of archives). Maybe I could start selling them... Must look at the contracts!

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