Thursday, May 06, 2010

Flying With Magpies Blog Tour: Sue Guiney's blog

Today is the day I start flying around the blogosphere with my latest novel Too Many Magpies, and the first blog I alight on is that of writer Sue Guiney. Sue is the author of the moving drama poem Dreams of May and the impressive novel Tangled Roots - she blog-toured the latter and I was delighted to host a stop here. Sue was one of a group of talented authors published by bluechrome, who were left high and dry when, without explanation, bluechrome disappeared off the face of the earth this time last year. It's hard to describe the feelings for an author when this sort of thing happens - the surface of your whole world spins away from under you, and there you are, floating in the cold dark space of Being Once More Unpublished and For All You Know Never to Be Published Again - and it's nothing whatever like Not Yet Having Been Published when you're full of hope and innocence about the difficulties writers can face, however talented (and still the potential Next New Thing). However, in Sue's case, I am really happy to say that her next novel has been taken up by another publisher and she will be Published Again, which is no less than she deserves.

In her interview, Sue asks me questions about the inspiration and impetus for Too Many Magpies, and my experience, which she shares, of writing different forms.

You can see the whole Flying With Magpies tour schedule here.

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