Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Sally Zigmond reviews Too Many Magpies

Today there's a nice review of Too Many Magpies on Sally Zigmond's blog, along with a short interview she conducted with me about the book. She calls the book 'intense and unsettling' and says, 'The prose is spartan but powerful' and that 'Despite its physical brevity, Too Many Magpies poses huge questions about life today'.

And Sarah Salway, whose wonderful endorsement graces the cover of the book, talks on her blog today about the books she has endorsed this year, and says of Too Many Magpies, 'I'm thrilled [it's] been getting so many good reviews, because it deserves every one. I'm interested that the word used most often is 'haunted', there's definitely a lasting quality to this book'.

Thank you, Sally and Sarah!


Minnie said...

Fascinating blog, Elizabeth (arrived here via Vanessa G & Normblog). Resd your i/v with increasing interest: love your preocuppation with the power of names, as has always spooked me - everything has to be named, categorised, filed: the inner bureaucrat or market researcher/ad planner strikes! We tend to think that naming something means we know it, have even tamed it. But, as your doctor relative points out, this doesn't necessarily entail understanding.
Beautiful. Must now get mitts on this novel! Thank you.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Thanks for visiting, Minnie. and I hope you enjoy the novel!