Sunday, September 13, 2009

Best in colour

Well, I bought myself a colour printer. Not that I needed to, on this occasion: turned out Carl's partner Madeleine could print the posters and leaflets for our reading on hers, so I walked the half-mile to collect them (and stopped and had a glass of wine and a writers' chinwag with Carl, who had just got back from his week's teaching at Derby), and then walked another three-quarters of a mile to Cath's to deliver her batch. A lovely walk, a lovely evening seeing people (and I ended up in the pub, which I had to pass to get home!) - none of which would have happened if I'd had my own colour printer. But then, the idea had been planted, hadn't it, and I began to really want one... And I was out of paper, and in Staples yesterday afternoon they were offering a colour printer for half price, less than thirty quid, if you bought the box of paper I was intending to buy anyway...

(Notice the colourful and elegant Festival logo, which Madeleine added and which I had quite forgotten!)

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