Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Girls Allowed by Trevor Suthers

If you go to Taurus Bar on Canal Street tonight or tomorrow you can catch a very entertaining and also moving 45 minutes of theatre, as I did last night - Trevor Suthers' short play Girls Allowed, presented by Bootleg Theatre Company. There's not a lot of plot, but it really is a beautifully observed and very well-written study of the fears and desires of two teenage girls and their relationship. And it's just brilliantly performed by the two seventeen-year-old actors, Clare McCall (who, I'm not surprised to learn, has a part in the next Harry Potter film) and Emily Arnold.

And Trevor has a play in the next JB Shorts, the fortnight of short plays by TV writers at the Joshua Brooks pub which was such a sell-out success on its first outing in April. (6th to 17th October.)

There's just so much going on in Manc at the moment...

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I wish I could sounds really good. Kate x