Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Selling out

Thanks to the Just One Book campaign, Salt's own stocks of Balancing on the Edge of the World are now so low that they have only 4 copies to send for the Manchester Book Market this weekend (fortunately I have some here with me in Wales, where I am this week, which I can provide). It's a strange moment when a print run is coming to be exhausted: it's so gratifying to think that so many have sold, but then you worry that you'll miss sales before the next printing. Thank you to all those who have bought the book, and I do hope you have found it worth it. I hasten to add, for those who haven't, that meanwhile Amazon and The Book Depository still have copies, as do the book distributors, Gardners.


Teresa Stenson said...

Hi Elizabeth-

Just wanted you to know you are on my 'to read' list.

I'll be ordering you, from somewhere, soon.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Thank you, Teresa, and I hope you enjoy!