Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sally Zigmond reviews Balancing on the Edge of the World

The wonderful, estimable Sally Zigmond has written a lovely review of Balancing on the Edge of the World and Salt Publishing in general, in the context of the discussion on the concept of 'literary fiction' which she is currently running on her other blog. I am thrilled to say she calls the stories in Balancing 'stunning' and thinks the book dispels all complaints about 'literary fiction' as 'flowery', unsatisfying on a narrative level, and lacking in humour. One of the stories she picks out for special mention is 'The Shooting Script', the satirical tale of a writer with an arts-funded mentor who turns out to be a rogue - which curiously, if I remember rightly, only one other reviewer, Adele Geras, has picked out. Sally says of it:
The characterisation is so good and I laughed all the way through it even as I winced. The satire is as sharp as a stiletto.
Thank you, Sally!

You know, the difference such things can make to your weekend....!

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