Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Culture shifts and novel adjustments

Back in Manc this evening and about to work some on the novel again. John said in retrospect that he felt I needed a different emphasis in one section of the novel, and after a LONG talk (I was a bit resistant to begin with) in the pub (The Anglesey in Caernarfon), while the sea  came in and the harbour we could see through the pub window went from half-full to full,  I decided he was right, so I'm about to work on that bit, as well as see to the typos etc he found. (Is a book ever finished?)

Feels odd to be back in town again. Only ten days or so away and Didsbury feels like a foreign country. Which is one good reason for going away: you see the place with new eyes when you come back. However, I'm very glad to say that my grip on the novel survived the culture shock of both shifts.


Rachel Fenton said...

I'm looking forward to my son starting playgroup in August, when I can get my teeth into some revisions.

Best of luck with the changes.

Elizabeth Baines said...

All the best with that, Rachel. It's such a release, I found, when you get those extra few hours a day.