Monday, December 06, 2010

Guest on Nicola Morgan's soapbox: 'Talent will Out'?

Today I'm delighted to be over at Nicola Morgan's great blog Help! I Need a Publisher! as a guest on her soapbox. I'm talking about how the notion that 'talent will out' always gets me steamed up, and how the history of the publication of The Birth Machine confirmed me in my attitude.


Dan Holloway said...

I've just read your original post as well as today's on Nicola's blog. It is not so hard for anyone involved in the feminist literary movement today, in any way however peripheral, to imagine such a scandal blowing up now. I have witnessed some sspats of extraordinary ferocity over the status within the movement of trans women. I have friends who have been called every name under the sun for their solidarity with trans women. You may or may not be interested in a fascinating interview chat I had with American feminist poet Julie Enszer about the respective states of feminism in the US and UK, and their respective (non)fragmentation and the reasons behind it

Elizabeth Baines said...

That's very interesting to know, Dan. And thanks for the link to your interview - much food for thought.