Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Too Many Magpies wins semi-finals of Benjamin Judge's Literary World Cup

What a hoot. Unbelievably, I have beaten Jorge Luis Borges in the semi-finals of Benjamin Judges' World Literary Cup! I really think Ben must have been a bit biased there ! (which is very nice!). Here's what he says:
reading Borges is a whole lot of fun, and yes there are interesting questions of reality and the like in our modern world but…
…but when you read Too Many Magpies (and I use the future tense purposely, you are going to read it) you read it thinking yes! That’s right! That is what life is like. That is how people speak and think and act. It is real and as such it reflects reality far better than a cracked mirror or an invisible tiger ever can.
Blimey. I don't know what to say, apart from thank you Ben!
I'm up against Tove Jansson, author of the Moomin books in the final. Can't imagine how that will go...
(I wrote this post in five minutes - links and all: I'm back in Manchester and back to my broadband which is such a relief: in Wales it would have taken me half and hour with the links and maybe in the end it wouldn't have loaded up at all! Now I just have to be more disciplined with myself about writing, though, what with broadband and shops and mates to see..)

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