Friday, April 02, 2010

New Wikio Top UK Culture Blog rankings

Well, after my negative comment yesterday on Fictonbitch about prizes and rankings, I blush today to bring you a preview of Wikio's new Top UK Culture Blog ranking which will go live on Monday, and in which, it turns out, this blog features. Really, I'm very flattered and humbled - position in the ranking depends on the number and weight of incoming links from other blogs, so thank you to all of my readers who have thus linked to me. I'm thrilled to be there with the great blogs around me on the list, and of course the mighty and wonderful Dovegreyreader, who tops it.

1Dovegreyreader scribbles (Ent.) (Ent.)
3Pepys' Diary (Ent.)
4Peter Stothard - Times Online WBLG (Ent.)
5Elizabeth Baines (Ent.) (Ent.)
7A Don's Life - Times Online WBLG (Ent.)
8BBC - Introducing blog (Ent.)
9Clothes on Film (Ent.)
10Bart's Bookshelf (Ent.)
11Books, Inq. (Ent.)
12HeyUGuys (Ent.)
13Ben's Bookcase (Ent.)
14BubbleCow (Ent.)
15Mark Kermode's film blog (Ent.)
16ReadySteadyBlog (Ent.)
17The Ibooknet Blog (Ent.)
18Bookshelf (Ent.)
1920jazzfunkgreats (Ent.)
20The Beat (Ent.) (Ent.)
22Philip Bloom (Ent.)
23Eve's Alexandria (Ent.)
24Bibliobibuli (Ent.)
25ResoluteReader (Ent.)
26Mostlybooks (Ent.)
27Filmstalker (Ent.)
28My Favourite Books (Ent.) (Ent.)

Ranking by Wikio

Rankings will be updated on a monthly basis, and here's what else Wikio say: 'Only links found in the RSS feed are included and blogrolls are not taken into account. The weight of any given link increases according to how recently it was published'.

If you would like to submit your own blog you can do so here.


gonzopix said...

congrats. you are in some very excellent company at the top of that list

Elizabeth Baines said...

Yes, I certainly am - very thrilled (and confused...)