Thursday, March 04, 2010

Bookshops I Love: Palas Print, Caernarfon.

One of my favourite independent bookshops is Palas Print in Caernarfon. For years whenever we went up into the mountain in Wales, we were shutting ourselves off from access to books, and we always had to take a box of them (one year it was just about a tea-chest, as I was a judge for the Portico Prize). But then one year we went down into Caernarfon and discovered that the loveliest tiny bookshop had opened there, with the most artistic and inventive themed window displays: Palas Print. After a year or two, they expanded and moved to larger premises across the road. Last summer when I was there the window display was of children's books amongst a stunning theatrical sailing-ship scene and billowing waves.

And I was delighted to discover recently that Too Many Magpies is listed on their web page.

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