Friday, November 27, 2009

Lisa Glass reviews Too Many Magpies

I've had a lovely review for Too Many Magpies from Lisa Glass on Vulpes Libris. It's one of a series of mini-reviews she has written on her 'favourite books of the autumn'. She says: 'I read most of this book in one sitting as I could not drag myself away from its eerie storytelling' and 'Elizabeth Baines has a gift for creating lyrical, penetrating prose, and characters who seem all too real in their flaws, obsessions and neuroses', and calls the book 'an accomplished, thoughtful novel that offers us a strange new lens with which to view the world'. The full review here.


Rachel Fenton said...

What struck me there is that the way you describe your book in person really appealed to me much more than the blurb I had read before! Even though I was buying the book based on the blurb alone, I am now really glad because your "talk" about it made me realise I made a good choice! Looking forward to reading you even more now!

Elizabeth Baines said...

Hi Rachel, thanks so much for buying the book, and I do hope you enjoy it. Nice to know, too, that the video is effective.