Thursday, October 22, 2009

Adele Geras reviews Too Many Magpies

First review for Too Many Magpies comes from Adele Geras on her newsletter. As many of you will know, Adele is my friend ('Full disclosure', as Adele herself says in the review), but even friends don't need to be this positive:
...terrific ... At the end, everything becomes clear in the most satisfying way, so that you find yourself saying: I should have seen that. I ought to have noticed. I had the clues and didn’t pick them up. It’s very clever indeed and finally, very moving too.
Thank you Adele! The full review here (scroll down to Books).


Vanessa Gebbie said...

wow! many congrats, E. Fantastic words.


Elizabeth Baines said...

Thank you, Vanessa. I'm pretty chuffed. And relieved - It's always such a scary time, waiting for first reactions!