Saturday, July 25, 2009

A brilliant fifth 24:7 Festival

I'm having a great time this week at the 24:7 Theatre Festival (though I'm getting a bit tired!). I've seen thirteen shows so far (out of 21) and expect to see at least another one. Such a pity not to see them all, but it's practically impossible. A theme which is quite dominant this year has been the somewhat classic one of two or three men confined together in a small space. I've seen three of these plays, 5.30 and As We Forgive Them (both of which I read as scripts and wrote a bit about earlier) and Out of Dead Air, about three long-time prisoners of war faced with the possibility of freedom and the risk involved in seizing it, well-written too, beautifully acted and very smartly and sensitively directed by Mike Heath.

As last year, the houses have been packed. From its small beginnings the festival has become a phenomenal success. Yesterday, in fact, was 24:7's fifth birthday, and its founders, Amanda Hennessey and Dave Slack (above) had every reason to celebrate.

This year's festival isn't over yet though. There are shows at 3.30 this afternoon and this evening, and at 12.30 and 3pm tomorrow afternoon.

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