Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Trees into books into trees

This is a picture of Nkhata Bay in Malawi, and from today I feel a strange and lovely connection with it, as I have just heard from Eco-Libris that the first trees have been planted in the area as a result of my collaboration with them over my forthcoming novel Too Many Magpies.

It gives me a great feeling to be putting something back in return for the resources that will be used for my book - and indeed, have already been used: it's easy to forget the amount of paper we use even while we are writing books, what with the printouts made for editing and sending out to initial readers. Here's just the first, chucked draft of one of my early manuscripts:


Rod Duncan said...

What a great idea - planting trees to offset book production.

Will we ever move to the truly paperless office? I seem to remember people talking about it years ago.

And digital publishing - I hear lots of people in the industry talking about it these days. Where will that lead us writers, environmentally, creatively, financially?

Don't worry, I'm not expecting an answer. :-) Just musing.


Elizabeth Baines said...

Questions to muse indeed, Rod.