Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Words lost in the flood

Ah, the city! And I always thought I was a country lass at heart. Here's what we had to wade through to get from the house to the car, the stream which is normally three feet beneath the track. Though you can't see it, it's waterfalling down each side of that tree on the left. Well, we had our wellies, of course, but the feeling of being cut off on a mountain in a changing climate was a bit insistent, especially when the wind got howling and the rain hit the windows like breakers (and came in through the gaps in the mortar!).

We spent the fortnight fighting the elements with lime plaster and paint and, in this place where in the past I have gratefully written most intensively, I wrote a single sentence only, I didn't read much after all, and the internet - of course - was dodgy. By the time we were due to come back I had regressed to such a non-verbal state I was almost scared to...

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