Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Launch of Words from a Glass Bubble by Vanessa Gebbie

Really great time last night at the launch of Vanessa Gebbie's collection of short stories from Salt, Words from a Glass Bubble. John and I arrived completely windswept to find ourselves in the most beautiful surroundings in London's Foundling Museum, champagne being poured and Vanessa resplendent at a table piled high with her beautifully produced book and people already queueing to have copies signed. Periodically throughout the evening Vanessa read instalments of her wry and touching title story, which was a nice way to do it. And three of us turned out to be wearing almost identical costumes, me, Vanessa and the gent in the oil painting below which she read. And then, all too soon it was time to rush off through the wind again to Euston and to spend the journey immersed in those stories, heartbreaking yet witty, gritty yet other-worldly and totally original - so that we got to Stockport before I realized and had to make a scramble for the door.

People queueing:

Me and Jen from Salt having a natter:

and sporting our fabulous Salt bags:


Vanessa Gebbie said...

Hey, lovely piccies! I am struck by how I look just like the man in the painting. Wierd or what?

Thank you for coming down, it was great to see you and your other half, and what a lovely quote about the book. Thank you.


Elizabeth Baines said...

Well it was a great do - and thanks for the great read!

Jen HE said...
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S. Kearney said...

How wonderful to get some pics up of this, Elizabeth. It looks like it was a great do. And what a venue! Wow! I have two books to order at Salt tonight ... yours and Vanessa's! :-) Well done to you both.

Elizabeth Baines said...

It was a great do, Shameless. And I really do recommend Vanessa's book!