Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How did it happen?

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First night for The Processing Room last night. Wow. We were so nervous beforehand - so many technical hitches with the equipment for the media element of the show, the music disc going missing at the very last minute and Tracy having to rush home to record another one, the actresses panicking because the rehearsal time had been so truncated and gathering in corners for emergency line runs, me on the book with them and trying to find time to leaflet as well. And me thinking: Bloody live show business, it's just too damn hair-raising, let me get back to the recording studio and the printed book! And then it was time, and an audience of about fifty piled in from nowhere, and suddenly it happened and it was great, and I'm thinking - this is why we do it, because it's actually a kind of magic!

Our next performance is Wednesday (5.30), but I've hardly got a day off today. Better rush in at lunchtime for a bit of leafleting, before which I must gather together a costume and learn my lines for a film rehearsal in Widnes this evening - another script and another world which I have somehow to switch my head to!


Anonymous said...

Hello Elizabeth.
Jusy wanted to say I'm really pleased yesterday's performance went well for you.
Isn't it such a relief to get the first one out of the way?!
Roll on the next one!

I'll be coming along to support it.. just not picked which performance I'll be attending yet!

Good Luck with the rest of the run.
See you soon!
Sally x

Elizabeth Baines said...

Hi Sally. I'm really looking forward to seeing Bang Bang!