Friday, April 16, 2010

Eco-Libris: A tree for every copy of The Birth Machine

I've had some great reviews for Too Many Magpies, but one (pretty sexist) blogger, whom I won't link to for obvious reasons, pointed to the fact I was working with Eco-Libris to have a tree planted for every copy printed, and said he'd rather we'd all cut out the middleman and left the tree standing in the first place! (Sexist, but witty.)

Anyway, I'm pleased to say that I shall be risking his spleenful keyboard further by doing the same with the reissued The Birth Machine: I've signed up with them again, and a tree will be planted for every copy - well, 1.3 trees, actually, to allow for saplings dying. I just love the fact that for the wood pulp used for each copy (and the ire expended by sexists everywhere), a new tree will grow somewhere.

You can also plant trees with Eco-Libris for the books you read, for as little as a dollar a book: here.


Angela Topping said...

This is a wonderful idea Elizabeth, and take no notice of the complainer. I love trees but a world without books would be pointless.

Elizabeth Baines said...

It is a really great idea, Angela!

Rachel Fenton said...

Great sparring! I think the tree planting is a wonderful idea - but there won't be enough land to plant all the trees!!! Love the image for The Birth Machine, btw.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Glad you do, Rachel!