Saturday, April 03, 2010

Clare Dudman reviews Too Many Magpies

Clare Dudman has written a very nice review of Too Many Magpies on her ever-interesting blog, Keeper of the Snails. She says:
Just as I admired Elizabeth's anthology of short stories 'Balancing on the Edge [of the World]' I am delighted to say that I admire this novella just as much. She really does have a wistful, compelling style that keeps me turning the pages. I think in all good writing, no matter what sort, there is a recognition of truth, and it is certainly here again in this story... The terseness of the short stories is still there, but so too is a sustained menace which reminded me a little of some of Alice Hoffman's writing.

A great Easter present for me - especially as I can't eat chocolate at the moment!

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