Monday, February 25, 2008

My favourite bookshops of the week: Deansgate Waterstone's and Borders Cambridge

I have fallen back in love with Deansgate Waterstone's - partly for selfish reasons. Here's the photo I took yesterday of my book on display there along with books by two other Salt authors, David Gaffney and Neil Campbell:

I had read in Joel Rickett's Guardian bookseller column that Waterstone's was having a change of heart re authors and was about to begin a nationwide local authors promotion. Deansgate are certainly doing that: our books are part of a floor-to-ceiling local interest display right next to the main door. And as for books generally, I noticed that there's now a box for customer suggestions. Things are looking up again, hooray.

And while I'm at it, here's a photo of my book on a shelf in Borders Cambridge, sent to me by Jen of Salt.

Let's see, how can I put this? If any other bookshops want to send me photos of my book on their shelves, I'll be more than happy to give them some publicity in return!


Jen HE said...

I can officially announce that Salt loves Waterstone's Deansgate.

Adrian Slatcher said...

I was in Borders in Cambridge on Wednesday evening, actually, Elizabeth. It's massive! (and very nice) though I didn't see many Salts on the poetry shelf - so good to know you made the fiction A-Z.