Wednesday, August 05, 2015

New Unthology 7 review

There's a very nice review of Unthology 7 on the Where the Roads are Rivers blog. All of the stories are appreciated and praised, and I'm especially delighted that mine, 'Looking for the Castle', is one of four picked out as favourites "for their evocative settings (Delhi, Barcelona,  Serbia (& California), and, in Looking for the Castle the ‘…knot of tanneries and terraced houses in a curve above the wide watery spaces where the Mersey joins the Manchester Ship Canal…’); I loved them for the voices employed, the pictures they painted, their phrasing and music, the underlying or overt yearning, their understated epiphanies and restraint (and occasional lack of restraint). And for some, perhaps unidentifiable, magic that lies beyond my ability, or indeed my wish, to describe."

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