Thursday, June 05, 2014

First review for Unthology 5

I've been away in North Wales (and in internet blackout for some of the time, off and on), and when I got back a couple of days ago my copy of Unthology 5 was waiting for me. There's really nothing like that moment when you first see your story between the covers of a book alongside others you're dying to read - maybe it's not quite as piercing as the first time that happened to me, but the feeling is still strongly there. The copy's by my bed now and I'm eking it out, one story a night - that's the best way to savour stories, I find - and last night I began with the first, Andrea Readman's striking tale of an abduction and imprisonment form the child's point of view - very vivid.

And today we have our first review, on Goodreads, from my writer-contact, Alan Beard. He finds the book 'a fine mix of voices and styles' and 'another excellent contribution to a great series of anthologies'.  He calls my contribution, 'Clarrie and You', a 'sharp story of family fallout coming to a head at a funeral' - but then he does also say that 'of course' he likes his friends' stories best!

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