Monday, March 14, 2011

Wisewords reading

Sorry not to be blogging much at the moment: I'm very immersed in my WIP and hardly able to hear what people are saying to me, leave alone finding enough mental and creative space to do any other kind of writing!

This week I'll be having a break, though, as I'm off to London to read at an event organised by Salt author Jay Merill, which I'm really looking forward to: five exciting other short-story authors are also reading: Jay herself,  Susannah Rickards (recent winner of Salt's Scott Prize), Tania Hershman, Sarah Salway and Catherine Smith.

Wednesday 16  March 2011, 6.30pm FREE
The Luxe Spitalfields 020 7101 1751
109 Commercial Street, E1 6BG Liverpool St tube
One of the Wisewords Bookclub series of events and part of the Wisewords Festival 

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