Monday, August 16, 2010

Champion of Ben Judge's World Lit Cup!

Can you believe it, I am the champion of Benjamin Judges' World Literary Cup!!
I won the final and the quarter-final purely on random words (!) but along the way I beat Katherine Mansfield, James Joyce, Nicola Barker and Jorge Luis Borges, and not entirely according to spurious criteria but to some extent Ben's own literary judgement, and he said some very nice things about Too Many Magpies.

Thank you, Ben! And all respect to my opponents including my fellow north-west writer Jenn Ashworth who only fell on penalty shoot-outs!



Yay, go you! Champion of the literary world.... I've been watching this all with a smile. It's brilliant - and amazingly creative.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Yes, very creative, and witty!

adele said...

Well done you! Fantastic!

Elizabeth Baines said...

Thanks, Adele!