Sunday, May 30, 2010

Brooding the novel

Here's another image which I'll always associate with the time I was starting out on the present draft of my current novel. It was a Sunday afternoon and John and I went walking along the canal near Bollington, and needless to say I was brooding away on the novel, and we came across a duck with a brood of ducklings - 15 of them! It was impossible to capture more than a few at a time with my camera - they were everywhere: running along the top of the water in that funny way they do, shooting in every direction and only very vaguely staying in a proper gang near the mother. Really, quite frankly, she could hardly control them, and in retrospect the whole scenario was a replica of what was going on in my brain, with all the possibilities for my novel skittering every which way, and me only vaguely in charge of them, but doing my damndest to marshal them somehow!

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Rachel Fenton said...

That's a brilliant way to describe what it's like!