Monday, September 01, 2008

Ah, September, and the cloud has cleared and I can see the ridge all patched in purple heather, and what's more I can get the internet, and here I am at the laptop, splattered in paint but having a break, and I have just been given a huge boost by discovering that Dovegreyreader has chosen Balancing on the Edge of the World for a roundup of favourite story collections, conducted by Vulpes Libris' Leena. Thank you, Dgr!

There's an interesting selection of story collections and favourite all-time single stories, should you head on over, a fair weighting towards the traditional, I think, with Katherine Mansfield coming out well, but also Clare Wigfall's recent wonderful The Loudest Sound and Nothing having made a big impact.

Interestingly, Leena says that she turned to other bloggers as she had come up against something of a blank with her vulpine fellows: '..many of them pleaded ignorance of the genre'.


Still, the other bloggers came up trumps.

And I also discovered that Barbara has bought Balancing and received it in the post today...

Internet, brilliant innit?

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