Friday, August 22, 2008

TV really does take over your life

So they're taking down the scaffolding, and the vans and cameras and actors and all the seemingly hundreds of personnel surrounding them have moved on to the next location.

And last night Rowan the location manager comes and says goodbye. 'Thanks for the lunch,' says John (yesterday we were invited to the TV canteen vans to have lunch with everyone else, something John says he hasn't done since he was a teenager, when he and his mates did it regularly - hanging around film sets so long that they got given lunch in the end - and his moped ended up in a famous, iconic scene).

'You're welcome,' says Rowan. 'Come again next time.'

'Next time?' We look at each other.

'Oh, yes,' says Rowan blithely. 'It's a character's house, after all. There are other episodes waiting to be written. We'll be back again before Christmas.'


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