Friday, July 25, 2008

Internet blackout and 24:7 lights-up

Sorry about the unannounced absence from my blogs: I was away in a place where I thought I could get broadband and found I couldn't - nowhere, no cafes, no pubs, nada, and I hesitate to say where in case I collude with nasty stereotypes about my beloved homeland!!!! This afternoon I'm off to buy mobile broadband for next time, though I understand that on that particular mountain there's as yet only rudimentary connection, not broadband speed.

Anyway, I came back to Manc yesterday and to 24:7 Theatre Festival already in full swing, and buzzier than ever before. Tickets are selling like hot cakes and houses are packed. Shows are starting to sell out, and I suggest booking now rather than waiting to get tickets on the door. It's really quite amazing how this festival has grown in the short time since Amanda Hennessy and Dave Slack dreamed the idea up. In the pic above Dave (in the blue shirt) is standing outside 24:7 venue Pure in the Printworks, talking with actor Nick Mason who had just appeared in Watching Stars by Kate Gilbert and directed by Wyllie Longmore.

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