Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Manchester Blog Story goes live

The Manchester Blog Story, What Would You Do? which I'm writing for the Manchester Literature Festival, has gone live! The first of six weekly mini-episodes, The Caller, is now posted, and readers have till Thursday 8pm to vote on the venue for the next turn in the plot - and then I'll have four days to write the next episode accordingly! It's scary, but exciting - never in my life before have I written so publicly, and never before have I not had the option of going back and changing things which turned out to be extraneous or out of place!

Here's the blurb about it from this week's Manchester Literature Festival e-letter:

Episode One takes place in the hallway of a large Victorian house converted into flats and introduces us to its eccentric occupants. One of the residents has been visited by a mystery caller but will they manage to collect their message?

The project is produced by Manchizzle blogger Kate Feld and sponsored by Richard Fair richardfair.co.uk


Anonymous said...

I love it! I've just voted on the venue! Can't wait to read the next bit.
Well done, it's brilliant.

Elizabeth Baines said...

Thanks for voting, Sally!